How to keep the hornets away:

Susan G Holland
2 min readMar 6, 2024

They seem to be large flies, but, they are dangerous.

SGHolland ©2024

On my Medium intake link I get a letter from someone with a sultry-mod AI portrait that infers sexiness at least if not porn.

She wants to be my follower. She wants me to follow her.

I search for her “by-line.” It is as vague as is her info on the link “about” on Medium.

Some days I don’t like Medium at all. Why does my regular subscription include racy looking women looking sultry? Do I attract such stuff, or is someone just trying to sign me up?

What do I want from Medium? I want an intelligent reflection of real life without resorting to spectacle. I want it to be serious: not sexy.

Medium has been a blessing in so many ways.

Like the face of the earth, it contains all sorts of miraculous truths, and also a lot of weeds.

I love the wild earth. But I like to be selective about what I plant. It is such a sweaty job yanking out the weeds. Poison Ivy: it rubs off on a person and makes them suffer.

Maybe I need to describe myself as a sort of snob? I’m not a fan of sensationalism or shady drugs. I really hope to be selective about what I ingest, both into my digestive system, but also into my brain.

At 86, my brain is really tired of smut, and “glam”, and “pop culture.” What a waste of brain power. Unless a person is dominated by an insatiable lust for physical body thrills, surely they should be able to steer around such matter in their intellectual intake.

How can I help you, darling?

Anyone else? How can I self-describe in a way that will screen out the rubbish? Shall I call myself a prude? Not a prude here. Just wanting to spend my minutes on something healthful and enriching.




Susan G Holland

Hacked too often here on Medium; and here I trusted it all these years! Beware!