Red Flag (Gun) Law?

Susan G Holland
2 min readNov 22, 2022

Is this a “casual” rule?*

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In Colorado Springs, Local Leaders Resisted the State’s Red Flag Gun Law

El Paso County, the site of the mass shooting at Club Q, last Saturday, is one of at least 37 Colorado counties that have declared themselves a “Second Amendment sanctuary” and openly defied the state’s gun laws.

My questioning mind asks:

  1. did the gay patrons care about Red Flag Laws
    of any kind when they gathered to celebrate on that Saturday night? Are they part of the chunk of our country who sniff at rules and regs?
  2. Did the law enforcement people who did not respond to gun-happy
    past behavior in their precinct decide not to care about things the
    gay group might allow, letting them decide for themselves what went on in the “protected” environment of a gay night club?
  3. Was the shooter part of the gay community, or part of an anti-gay
    hate group, locally, or nationally?
  4. What line does the human race draw about who is a person and who
    is not a person? Do humans get to decide things like who should be hunters and who should be prey?
  5. Who among this cast of characters was operating with a drug-free mind?
  6. Who among the good guys and/or bad guys were okay with overlooking slaughter in the neighborhood, if it wasn’t someone they liked or valued?
  7. (Feel free to add your own wonderings here.)




*Some Source called Trace wrote, today, about the sheriff decisions that
are made in certain counties about whether or not to apply and honor the Red Flag Rule. The Red Flag Rule seems to relate to theft, specifically, from
my very limited exploration this morning. But the publication called TRACE has put out something that points directly at how the Red Flag Rule
applies to gun laws.

It looks as if the Club Q people chose to disregard gun safety, even gun awareness, declaring its property exempt!

Could this knowledge have been a temptation to the person who shot up the gay nightclub?

Who decided to declare the nightclub not covered by Red Flag Gun Laws?



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