The Fam: my Board of Directors

Susan G Holland
2 min readMay 2, 2023


My daughter, my son, my daughter in law, and my Caregiver/S.O.

© SGHolland May 2023

I’m the short one.

Devoted people are voluntarily lifting loads, physical things like furniture, and also brain and energy responsibilities for this old lady.

My medical data. My legal data. My financial data. My change of address data. And my fuzzy mental peculiarities.

These are not idle relatives! These are very capable and experienced people who have busy lives of their own. And I have descended on them with my whole self.

If you are curious about what it’s like to be really dependent at some time in your life, I can give you some personal experiences to contemplate.

But the bottom line is: this is the definition of human-kindness.

It’s one thing to have a broken leg which will eventually heal, and another thing to being increasingly unable to remember names, dates, places, and how to get there. How to use a Keurig or a modern intelligent microwave.

I suspect I am on the brink of that sort of “oldness” that sits in a wheelchair all day with a bib on! Sleeping on the bib, maybe? I watched so many people become that way in my life as they approached the end of their lives.

I actually sat with my beloved family people who were dying and watched the process. It’s not as if it all is a mystery. I’ve got my “druthers” written out.

But my mind is still curious about everything, and thrilled about concepts, and I long to put it down on paper, with ink or paint, and am hanging onto my oil paints and blank canvases with expectations of future energy and artistic skill.

These family angels are understanding me so well. I am being brought to the easel, the table, and the doctor by them because they see that I can still do things like art and writing on my good days.

I am such a fortunate person to see my family being absolutely beautiful and kind to me. What more could a woman or man wish for?




Susan G Holland

Student of life; curious always. Tyler School of Fine Art, and a couple of years’ worth of computer coding and design, plus 87 years of discovery.