truly exhausted!

Susan G Holland
3 min readFeb 6, 2023


I am trying to snip things out of my life.

tired of writing and rewriting and reading and rereading.

I’ve been blogging on the internet in one way or another for as long as
it has been possible to communicate by on-line means. Really!

For me, internet connection has been an outlet and a source of answers to my curious questions about just about everything. Kind of a handy tool to use instead of typewriters, carbon paper, stamps on envelopes…you get the idea. And an endless place to find out information…easier to access than Encyclopedia Brittanica, that’s for sure!

There are so many ways to hitch on to the internet world. Unless one wants to keep total anonymity, there is no way to become invisible on the face of the earth! Anyone who is trying to hide from the face of the earth might have to be born and die in someplace with no other human around.

I am still getting notices from past internet platforms and people from my years of internet life…people who are still in places I have drifted away from. Extraordinary people and also those I have “unfollowed” for whatever reason.

But have my adventures on PC and Mac etched a trail that can only be deleted by the extinction of computer science itself? That’s okay; very few people “follow” me, and I don’t mind if they read my past stories.

Certain friends love me, but I don’t befriend people to COUNT them! So signing into my blog audience is not an investment for the joiner…I do not have a product I’m selling, or a contest I hope to win. I still am in touch one-on-one with people I have loved. has been quite a trip! Thrilling sometimes…really fascinating and life-changing. More often it is equal to a stack of unread books for me…it requires me to invest time and energy simply because of my curiosity and for my information. It has been an on-going education!

But I have become algorized!! I mean, I am connected with something really huge that I only wanted as a page to write on, and they have hitched me up to a possibly infinite swarm of people…more than any large city I’ve visited, surely!

I am getting exhausted with this rich opportunity.

It’s like smoking, kind of. Hard to quit. Everything that happens happening around a fresh cigarette. (I quit somewhere in the 1960's.HUGE event in my life!)

So I am seriously figuring out how to quit

Shall I take into the Senior Living establishment I am soon moving to? I think not.

What happens to my writings? Do they stay here? Can people still contact me when I log off altogether? Curious about that…but not terrified.

After all, the me who has written all these things is still alive and wiggling, even if I am not appearing on an online magazine.

If I disappear, there are some of you readers who have moved into my world in other ways. So you and I will still keep in touch a lot or a little.

On the brink….© SGHolland 2023



Susan G Holland

Student of life; curious always. Tyler School of Fine Art, and a couple of years’ worth of computer coding and design, plus 87 years of discovery.