Susan G Holland © 2021 originally 2013 or so.


We love them. We fear them. They bless us. They injure , sometimes kill us.

The bees’ nest is a font of all things good and frightening.

Same with the worms. Like the can of worms?

We talk about opening a…

Moving Off
I am about to swear off the internet cold turkey.

Special designs so complex an 83 and-a- half mind cannot follow the directions and fuzzy eyes cannot read the teeny words on the flossy new desktop. …

Photo credit: S. Scheidig

First, let’s define terms:

A fine description of a Self-Absorbed person has been nailed
well by
Doug Bartholomew MS, LMHC

But why am I asking?

I, Susan, would really like to know where the line is between “super-focused” and “selfish.” It’s my conscience at work again. …

Vic Damone sang “When My Sugar Walks Down the Street..” back in the day. It goes…. “all the little birdies go tweet tweet tweet..”

I swear: All the Tweeting in the modern world is about as consequential as Vic Damone’s song about tweets.

Somehow I got curious enough to enter into the Twitter World way back in the past century in a ten-step group. One guy there kept his cell phone on so he…

©SGHolland April 26,2021

Morning discussions must be a part of my specific path. Yes, a pre-prepared trail to becoming “done,” “mature,”… ready to move on finally, at some future hour or year.

Today W and I talked over breakfast about whether we actually are following a path as we live…

Susan G Holland

Ever curious, I wonder, I ask, I probe, I learn, I write. A grateful 80-something, still discovering the brand new day.

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