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Jan 27, 2023

Tell the truth, Medium dot com!!!!

I am getting news of Medium accepting AI generated stories.

If this is the case I will remove myself and my work from Medium.

I know, I know…I am not a VIP here…just a truth teller. I have enjoyed sharing my live on these “pages.” I care for my followers. And I am not trying to start a protest.

I simply, as mentioned above, a truth teller. No mocked up versions come out of my writings. Yes, pseudonyms, for privacy’s sake in stories.

Tell the truth, Medium. Are you going to reel out reading matter from a robot algorithm?

Paused and waiting. SGHolland Old Cowbird person, careful The Story Hall member.

That’s it.



Susan G Holland


Here’s an overview of various kinds of expressions I have put down on paper in the past decade or so.

Now it is 2022 and I am building another slideshow. I shall add it if I ever get it done! I’m going on 85 in February, so I have a lot of my expressions littering the internet. Putting them all in one place is as difficult as
putting myself into assisted living! Smarmy mess.

But still.

I suppose I shall express myself to the day I die.



Maimonides wrote:

It is forbidden for a person to be cruel and not appeased; instead, a person should be satisfied easily and get angry slowly. And at the moment when the sinner asks for pardon — pardon with a whole heart and a desirous soul. And even if they caused them suffering and sinned against them greatly, [the victim] should not take revenge or hold a grudge.

Another reasonable “should or ought” added to our list of good works.
Reasonable advice. But will a person do it next time, and the next time?

Just asking…. SGHolland



Susan G Holland

Ever curious, I wonder, I ask, I probe, I learn, I write ;soon a grateful 85 still discovering the brand new day. I moved to New Mexico, a whole new paradigm!