Maimonides wrote:

It is forbidden for a person to be cruel and not appeased; instead, a person should be satisfied easily and get angry slowly. And at the moment when the sinner asks for pardon — pardon with a whole heart and a desirous soul. And even if they caused them suffering and sinned against them greatly, [the victim] should not take revenge or hold a grudge.

Another reasonable “should or ought” added to our list of good works.
Reasonable advice. But will a person do it next time, and the next time?

Just asking…. SGHolland




…that thing in music that infers that a change is about to occur

…the stones in a running creek, maybe

…the curly thing on a violin that makes all the difference

…a game

…something that detached from one side of the lake and sank into the water

…tooth fix

…a word said between one person and another person

…a bond

…a way to get off the freeway or the island

Just thinking…there must be a million more things that are bridges, at least!

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Susan G Holland

Susan G Holland


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